Interview with Member of the Cult_direction and dramatization of the novel of Maria Modrovich_City Theatre Žilina

Dušan Makovický Hanged Himself in His House _ choreography for theatre play of Zuzana Palenčíková_dir. R. Ballek_City Theatre Žilina 

Wedding Hall_movement cooperation for Peter Mazalan 's and Eva Šušková 's performance on text V. Klimáček 


Complementarity_choreography_commision of Slovak National Gallery_ based on installation of Stano Filko's 12 Colours of Reality 

Pilgrimage of M&H _concept, script, choreography, direction_author's theatre play_premiere at Studio 12 Bratislava, prod. PrichodGodota . 

S4 Opening_concept, script, choreography, direction_conceptual piece for 4 dancers, 4 actors, 1 rock band and 1 full catering service_premiere Kunsthalle Bratislava  

Schumann Requiem, Op.90_choreography for Peter Mazalan ‘s performance_premiere Pakt Bratislava 


Grass is Green (Why to Rinse a Plastic Yoghurt Cup if Some People Fly to Thailand Four Times a Year) _concept, script, direction, performer_performance was part of the international project BeSpectactive_premiere at Divadelna Nitra Festival

Afternoon of Culture and Sport_concept, script, direction_exterior performative situation at tennis courts

Seventh Day_video performance on Martin Burlas Seventh Day Record and to the text Sevent Letter / Letters of Plato_premiere GUS Spisska Nova Ves 

Dekameron_choreography for Peter Mazalan ‘s performance_premiere Studio 12 Bratislava 


Genezis 2_direction_theatre play of Ivan Vyrypajev_premiere at Studio 12 Bratislava_prod. PrichodGodota  

E-CHO_concept_online dance performance for wide public 


Manifesto of Possibilities_concept, script, direction_premiere at A4 theatre Bratislava 

Patterns_choregraphy of the multimedia performance_prod. Cluster ens._premiere at Opera Nova Festival, National Theatre Prague

Keep This Letter_concept, direction_site-specific project_commision of Prague Quadriennale 2019, prod.SE.S.TA

Bacchae_choreography for the play of Euripides _dir.Rastislav Ballek_premiere at Slovak National Theatre Bratislava


The End The End_concept, direction, script, performer_physical theatre play_premiere at A4 theatre Bratislava

Extravagancy_video installation after theatre play of Raphael Spregelburd


Subjective Future_concept, direction, script, performer_physical theatre play_premiere at A4 theatre Bratislava

Six Pianos_choreography_concert/performance_prod. Cluster ensemble on Steve Reich music_premiered at Slovak Radio Building Bratislava


Opernball_concept, direction, choreography, performer_dance performance_premiere at A4 theatre Bratislava

Get off_Get On_concept, choreography_site specific project for teenagers_premiere at Platform 1-12 Topolcany


Dance_Music with Changing Parts_concept, choreography_performance on music of Philip Glass  interpreted by Cluster ensemble_premiere at A4 theatre Bratislava

Strategien gegen Choreographieren_choreography, performer_site-specific project_concept Peter Šulej_premiere at Goethe Institute Bratislava


Objects of Research_ direction, choregraphy_dance performance_co-author Peter Šulej_premiere at A4 theatre Bratislava


Everything I Love_concept, choreography, performer_solo dance performance_premiere at A4 theatre Bratislava


Girl from the Sea Base_direction_ theatre play of Jana Bodnarova_ premiere at Tabacka Kosice   

DiamonDance_author' s conceptual dance pefromance after the graphic partiture of Milan Adamčiak _ premiere at A4 Bratislava and Ponec Theatre Prague 


Who Is Annik?_choreography_author' s dance performance for Nanohach comp. / CZ _ premiere at Ponec Thetrae Prague


Angel 2 _concept, choreography, performer_solo dance performance_premiere at A4 theatre Bratislava

StageCross_Networking Local_conceptual networking dance performance 


Healing Heating_choregraphy, performer_ with co-authors musiciens Boris Lenko and Peter Machajdík 


Deep Disrupt of Epidermis_concept, choreography, script, performer_solo dance performance_commission of the International theatre festival Divadelná Nitra 2006. The text was published in Kod theatre magazine and Slovenian translation in Apokalypsa literature magazine Ljubljana. 


Little Stories/Things We Know_choreography_multimedia performance_premiere at Danstheatrium Bratislava   

Kirin_choreography, performer_ solo dance performance on Peter Machajdík´s music 

Meeting after a long time on 13:55_collective choreography with Daniel Raček and Monika Čertezni_premiere at Danstheatrium Bratislava   


Half-Moon Bear_choreography, performer_ solo dance performance

1998 and on

site-specific projetcts, small scale performances, physical theatre pieces, improvised performances, movement co-operation with repertory theatres 



Patterns - performance co-created with Cluster ensemble at Opera Nova festival_National theatre Prague -  nominated for Tatra Bank Foundation Art Award 2019 

The End The End at New Drama festival 2019

as actress nominated for the Slovak National Film Award Sun in the Net 2018 - feature film Nina, director Juraj Lehotský 

Subjective Future at New Drama festival 2018

Dance with Changing Parts – performance at Opera Nova festival_National theatre Prague -  nominated for Tatra Bank Foundation Art Award 2018 

Theatre ALTA Prague VARP scholarsip of International Visegrad Fund for performing artist of MidEurope / CZ, 2016

Tanztendenz Munich artistic residency  / DE, 2015

CeRRCa, Centre for Research and Creation artistic residency, Casamarles, Llorenc del Penedes / ES, 2014, 2018

SE.S.TA – Centre for Choreographic Development, artistic residency, Žďár nad Sázavou / CZ, 2014

Theatre Alfred ve Dvore Prague VARP scholarship of International Visegrad Fund for performing artist of MidEurope / CZ, 2008



New Drama festival / SK 2018, 2019

Kiosk theatre festival / SK 2018

International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra / SK 2006, 2016, 2020, 2021

Contemporary Art Festival MoonRide Festival Košice / SK 2011, 2018

Ars Cameralis Katowice / PL 2014

i-camp neues theatre Munich / DE 2014

HybajHo! Dance Festival Prague  / CZ 2007, 2011, 2012, 2014

International Dance Festival Tanec Praha, Prague / CZ  1991, 1998, 2008

Jamais Vu!, Paris / FR 2009  

ConfiDance  Festival Siena / IT 2008 

Regensburger Tanztage / DE 2007

International Contemporary Art Festival Mediawave Gyor / HU 2003

Bratislava in Movement  1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 / SK

Dance in Arena 2002, 2003 / SK

Platform of Slovak Contemporary Dance 2000  / SK 

2nd  and  3rd International Festival of Cont. Dance, Kishinev / Moldova  2001, 2003 

International Theatre Festival Ogledalizacija, Novi Sad / Serbia  2002 

Dance Festival Natrikrat Brno / CZ 2001, 2003, 2013




Cook F**ck Kill_feature film, dir.Mira Fornay, premiered at IFF Black Nights Tallin


Nina – feature film, dir. Juraj Lehotský, premiered at IFF Karlovy Vary


Cluster Enselmble performs TD Monogramista_concert/performance


Cluster Enselmble performs Milan Adamčiak_concert/performance


July_monodrama of Ivan Vyrypajev_dir. Alena Lelková_premiere at Studio 12 / Theatre Institute Bratislava 

Coma _contemporary opera of Martin Burlas_dir.Rastislav Ballek_premiere at Slovak National Theatre Bratislava


Petržalka Stories_documentary theatre play_dir. Jan Šimko, Award of the Best Slovak contemporary play at New Drama Festival 2009


News: PovertyTM_dir. Marold Langer Phillipsen/DE_premiere at Studio 12 / Theatre Institute Bratislava 

Paranoia_dir. Lubomir Burgr_SkRAT company_premiere at A4 theatre Bratislava_co-author


Sad Life of Ivan T. _dir. Lubomir Burgr_SkRAT company_premiere at A4 theatre Bratislava

Oriental Dance Class_play of Jana Bodnarova_dir. Jan Šimko_premiere at Slovak National Theatre Bratislava


Guinnea Pig_dir. Lubomir Burgr_SkRAT company_premiere at A4 theatre Bratislava_co-author


H2O Danubiana_dir. Frits Vogels GRIF theater_ site – specific_dancer, co-author


In a Minor Key_dance performance_dir. Peter Groll_co-author


Cities_movement theatre play_dir. Claire Heggen_Théatre du Movement cie. /FR


3W W3_by mamapapa and 4+4 days in movement_site specific_Prague / CZ


different plays, projects and choregraphies of Slovak and foreign choreographers and directors_e.g. T. Mantel/CH, B. Young, M Renzi, A.Green/USA, F.Vogels, J.Task/Grifftheater/NL, M.Fulkerson/USA,NL, N Aboudarham/FR)


member of ballet of the The State Opera Banská Bystrica / SK


member of amateur dance company Auriga and Skupina súčasného tanca (SST _ Contemporary Dance Group) of Zuzana Hájková / SK



founder, dramaturgist of international contemporary dance and movement theatre festival Nu Dance Fest Bratislava – since 2006

member of the programm board of the winning European City of Culture 2026 candidate - City of Trenčín 

cultural policy activities_initiator of different round tables and discussions, member of KU.BA (Cultural Bratislava), of the Save the Culture Initiative

co-founder of PlaST, Platform for Contemporary Dance in Slovakia - union of professional contemporry dance  

member of the editorial board of VLNA_ magazine of contemporary art

writings (e.g. for VLNA, for Dance_magazine of Slovak dance, Profil of Slovak Culture – Modern and Contemporary Dance / University Library Bratislava, etc.) 

teaching – contemporary dance analysis, contemporary dance and improvisation (e.g. Theatre Studies at Theatre Faculty, Pedagogical Faculty UK Bratislava, Academy for Fine Arts Bratislava, etc.)

chairperson, co-founder of Contemporary Dance Association /SK 

co-founder of A4_space of contemporary art, Bratislava, Slovakia

production of performances and festivals (e.g. Love in Motion, chor. M.Hawkins/GB 2004, Dance in Arena 2001 – 2002)

manager of the international educational projects supported by EU Programme Culture (e.g. KoresponDance -SE.S.TA/CZ, 2009-2011, BeInternational 2021-2023)

participation at the art manager programme Courants d´Est, Paris, FR, 2001



Law Faculty of the Comenius University, Bratislava_graduation 1997

European Dance Development Centre, Düsseldorf / DE_guest student 1999-2000

inter-faculty study at the Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava, Dance Department_1995-1996



composition for choreographers (Matteo Fargion/IT, J.Ch.Parré/FR, Dominique Boivin/FR) 

improvisation and contact improvisation (S. Paxton/USA, J. Hamilton/GB, D. Lepkoff/USA, I.Wolfe/CH., E. Gál/HU, D.Zambrano/VE., M.Keogh/USA, E.Lamoureux/FR, ...)

white butoh (Masaki Iwana/JP)

contemporary dance (F. Faust/FR, A. Green/USA, etc.)

release technique (M. Fulkerson/USA, A.Sedlačková/SK, etc.)

modern dance,  classic dance, Limón (J. Cooksey/DE, B. Genti/FR, M.Kovarova/SK,, TMantel/CH, etc.)

Laban system of movement therapy (Janet Kaylo /GB)

physical theatre (C.Heggen, Y.Marc/FR, J.Asslain/CA, I.van Heiningen/NL)

barock dance (Beatrice Massin/FR)

team coaching, art management, light design - MAPA/NL