exterior performative situation


Concept, direction, screenplay, texts: Petra Fornayová
Dramaturgy: Peter Šulej
Vlado Zboroň - tournament director  
Michal Spielmann - tournament manager
Peter Kadlečík - umpire referee
Gertrud Maria Korpič - umpire and mental coach of tennis player -
Ľubo Burgr - Hector
Vlado Kittler - Achilles
Anna Mária Janeková - tennis player, top 10 WTA
René Schleifer - tennis player, top 50 ATP 
Ludvig Bagin - moderator of a tennis studio
Ján Höher - tennis expert 
Adam Hanuljak and Klára Jašková - film crew 
Lucia Gregorová Stach - curator of the presentation of works by Adamčiak, Havrilla and Koller 
Fero Király, Eva Šušková, Peter Mazalán - performers of Satie's songs Tennis, Yachting, Races and Golf 
Heidi Šinková, Soňa Ferienčíková, Monika Haasová - technical supervision of the tournament
Marta Poláková - choreography of Laban's chorus (Matúš Szeghö, Soňa Kúdelová, Barbora Janáková) 
Tennis players - participants of the 1st year of the Game Play Open draw doubles tennis tournament.
Text sampling is created from author's texts and is also freely inspired by several works: Peter Šulej - Phytopaleontology / Rotations / Nodes, Elfriede Jelinek - A Sports Piece, Laurent Binet - Seventh Language Function, Kamil Zbruž - Saint Macarena
Graphics: Matej Lacko
Author of the tournament award artifact: Martin Piaček
Sound and technical direction: Peter Grábl and coll. 
Video recording and editing: Adam Hanuljak and coll. 
Production manager: Martina Kotláriková and coll. 
PR: Eva Vozarova
Photo recording: Barbora Dolinajová
Production: AST 
Thanks for the support of: 
The project was supported from public funds by the Fund for the Support of the Arts.
The project was supported by the Bratislava self-governing region - the Bratislava Regional Subsidy Scheme and the Bratislava City Foundation.
The project partner - TK Slovan Patrónka.
premiere 5.9.2021, TK Slovan Patrónka, 11.00 - 19.00
"Theater seems to have more in common with sports and games than with ritual or acting. It should inspire research ... from a thorough examination of the ancient Olympic Games, bear quarrels and cockfights as role models for Greek and Elizabethan theater, to modern game theory. As Philip McCoy says, game theory examines decision-making in conflict situations. "
Richard Schechner_Performance: theories, practices, rituals
Draw doubles tournament.
During the break, the tennis player argues with the coach.
The judge teaches an ode to clay.
Someone else ode to a tennis bag.
Hektor and Achiles meet on court number 2.
Someone is sitting at the bar, waiting for grilled vegetables.
The tournament manager still makes important phone calls.
After a wonderful speech, the tournament director will take part in the matches politically incorrectly.
Is tennis or theater played?
In addition to this issue, Afternoon of Culture and Sports is also a celebration.
In 2021, 280 years havs passed since the transformation of a space dedicated to jeu de paume - ancestor of todays' tennis, into one of the first major theaters to be established, into the Vienna Burgtheater. This year, we also celebrate 360 ​​years since the founding of Lincoln's Inn Fields Theater, rebuilt from Lisle’s Tennis Court on Portugal Street in London, or 400 years since the biggest boom of the rebuilding of jeu-de-paume-salles into theaters in Paris.
We have presented an official proposal to declare all tennis clubs will function as theater spaces, too, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, thus continuing the tradition of placing cultural centers in Slovakia in gyms, such as the A4 or Nova Cvernovka.